Kungsportshuset Food bar

Lunch in Gothenburg

A good and well-prepared lunch lasts all day and at Kungsportshusets Matbar we use only the finest ingredients for you to enjoy fully. On our menu you will find, among other things, our famous sandwich cake and our immensely popular meatballs with accessories. The food bar runs a dispute over Swedish classics, but takes inspiration from all the good in life.

Lunch is served between 11:30-14:30

Lunch service weekdays from 11:30 to 14:30. Lunch includes a health shot, homemade bread, salad buffet and coffee with cake.

Please book a table as our lunch service is very popular.

Lunchen v.5

Köttbullar med potatispuré, lingon & pressgurka
Stuvad gnocchi med dragon, salladslök & champinjon
Kycklingstek med ecrasse, bakad lök & vinägersky
KPHs fiskgryta och skaldjurssås, fänkål & dill
Kalv i dill med potatis, morot & vinägersky
Rostad blomkål, blomkålskräm, hasselnöt & äpple

Lunch was originally called dinner because it was taken in the middle of the day. Dinner then shifted meaning to aim for today’s biggest goal. Until the 1940s, lunch was called breakfast. The meals were called breakfast, breakfast and supper. Anyway and whatever you choose to call the meal that is consumed between 11.30am and 2.30pm, remember that in Norway lunch often consists of only one sandwich. It does not with us! Welcome!