New year by Wallmans
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New Year Show in Gothenburg

On New Year’s Eve, the Wallmans Kungsportshuset in Gothenburg will host its fantastic Dinner Show. The party already starts at the entrance, continues and escalates through the serving of the New Year’s Supper and high-quality New Year’s show, and then culminates in bars and dance floors. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss!

  • BALCONY fr 995 SEK
  • PREMIUM fr 1295 SEK
  • PLATINUM fr 1495 SEK

new year

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Wallmans makes an exclusive guest play in Gothenburg
Since Wallmans Salon’s premiere 28 years ago, thousands of guests have been served by professional Wallmans artists – stars who delivered a world-class show while balancing plates and warmly taking extra care of “their” guests. Wallmans plays for full houses in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo and now it’s time for an exclusive guest play in Gothenburg!

Christmas by Wallmans – in the Kungsportshuset
New Year’s Eve 2019, Wallmans will be responsible for the New Year’s atmosphere at the Royal Sports House in Gothenburg. Experience a full evening with a menu of exclusive flavors spiced up with a sprawling Wallmanshow with magical elements.

Secure your seat at the party – this is a whole evening you don’t want to miss!
Welcome to a magical New Year’s show in Gothenburg.

CATEGORIEs & prices
  • BALCONY fr 995 SEK Balcony seats in bar seating
  • PREMIUM fr 1295 SEK Good seats in the salon
  • PLATINUM fr 1495 SEK Best seats in the salon

Price includes:
Seats in the lounge, Wallman’s New Year’s show, an exclusive multi-course menu, DJ & wardrobe.

  • Four-course New Year’s Supper
  • Wallman’s New Year’s show
  • A glass of New Year’s bubble
  • DJ
New year’s Menu

Scallops served in their shell with smoked tomatoes & chili
Cauliflower soup flavored with truffles is served with tarts on skrei cod
Ox fillet & lobster is served with creamy celery, pak choi & vinegar
White chocolate panna cotta with frozen raspberries, champagne & cream cheese foam

New year’s Vegan Menu

Seaweed caviar with creamy root celery, smoked tomato & chili
Cauliflower soup flavored with truffles is served with raw-sliced mushroom
Grilled King Oyster mushrooms, carrots, almonds & cress
Chocolate cream with frozen raspberries, champagne & oat foam


Book the places for the New Year’s show to all the thick family, the neighborhood and friends, but be sure to do so on time. Our New Year’s show with multi-course menu and entertainment is popular and the places are therefore disappearing fast. To be sure of getting places for everyone, it is important to be out in good time. With a few simple steps you fill out a form that will help us with your booking!


Not all New Year’s Eve parties offer unmatched entertainment for guests at the table. We see it as an honor to serve you exclusive flavors in imaginative designs while the music and the associated New Year’s show around live their own lives. Let us show you the way into our world, while enjoying right after right.


On New Year’s Eve, Wallmans and the crazy Gaston take over the New Year’s party with spectacular entertainment at the Kungsportshuset. Only your imagination sets the boundaries as you step into the festive world that Wallmans creates. Everything wrapped in New Year’s magic!

Welcome to the New Year’s party you will never forget!